Treasure Each Moment: 13 Days Until Departure

In 13 days I will be boarding an aircraft bound for Mfuwe, Zambia (a 34+ hour journey). Before every new adventure, leaving the comforts and routines of home-life there is a blend of nervousness and excitement for all of the yet unknown experiences that will ensue and people that I’ll meet. I think that is what really gets to the heart of what exploration is for me: it expands our horizons and connects us in deep and profound ways with the world in which we live.

Yesterday I had a minor outpatient surgery to remove a benign cyst which had developed on the back left top of my head. All is well, and it should heal up quickly, but that too, was its own exploration. “Going under the knife” is never really a desired experience for anyone to have. You hear stories about rare but unfortunate experiences people have had with minor surgeries, and it certainly confronts you with thoughts you don’t normally have in day-today life. It made me think about how short our lives really are, and how immensely each moment should be valued and treasured that we might unearth the gold in everything we do.

Those are my thoughts for today. I hope you are well.

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