The Human Family

Informed by Philosophy; Inspired by Beauty; United by Compassion.
The Human Family is a community for everyone to be (or discover) who they are, to learn from each other, and move forward together towards solving the biggest problems in the world today such as poverty, violence and environmental pollution.

Humanitarian Explorer

Mapping and meeting the needs of the world.
Humanitarian Explorer is an initiative created to build a network of people who are passionate about humanitarian issues and projects.

My Peace Walk

I spent several different summers walking at least 500 miles along the Oregon and Northern California coasts. Walking is something I have found to be one of the most powerful and profound acts we can do, while also being one of the most simple. Walking along the western coast of the USA, with the great Pacific Ocean on my side, I experienced levels of peace and freedom living daily in the present moment of each step. My Peace Walk is simply a place where I will be documenting my walks and thoughts during walks, and inviting others to join and share their own peace walk. I hope that by raising our collective awareness of peace through this community will not only cultivate greater inner-peace within us as individuals, but also spread peace throughout the world.