About Dylan B. Raines

Hi! My name is Dylan, and my mission in life is to travel the world, connecting people from all walks of life, with the hope of bringing people together to help us all live in freedom from extreme poverty, war, over-pollution, and so many other unnecessary ills in our world today causing immense suffering of life Planet Earth.

In 2012 I flew to Los Angeles, California, beginning a 3 month pilgrim-style journey of traveling and walking about 1000 miles of the USA's western coast. It was an adventure with only one purpose: to travel and love people. As vague as that may sound, every day was spent completely present, connecting with hundreds of people in cities and towns to hear their stories, listen to their dreams, and hopefully provide some compassion to help others feel known, accepted and encouraged.

That journey would inspire more profound realizations within me about life that have likely impacted how I see things today more than any other experience I've had. I discovered the power of relationship and connection, as each encounter I would have with a person would in some way help me along my journey, as I hope I was able to help others in theirs.

I believe that if we recognize the relationship we all share as members of the human family, we will be capable of solving problems and eliminating suffering in a way humanity has never seen before.