Do Not Ever Be Perfect

It can very easy to subconsciously be desiring perfection in our lives, and when we are desiring perfection we act against the qualities of creation from being opened within us. Perhaps it is a desire for perfection in your work, wanting to never make a mistake and always produce work that makes everyone happy. Or perhaps you have an idea of having a perfect relationship with a partner who fulfills every expectation you have for what a partner ought to be. In whatever way we allow the desire for perfection to operate with us, we generate the fear that it won’t. And of course, it won’t, because perfection does not exist.

Embrace the reality of where you are now. Can you see the beauty that is here now? Beauty, joy and meaning are unearthed in the way we grow. And perfection has no need of growth. So do not be perfect. Be who you are, and live with Grace ever-present.

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