Day One: Fly, Fly, Fly

I departed Los Angeles at 4:35pm October 11, arrived in Doha 16 hours later and have an 8 hour layover which has almost come to a close, as I am about to board my second to last flight on this journey to Lusaka, Zambia.

Once I reach Lusaka, which will be at 8:35 am tomorrow morning, I will just have one short flight left to reach my destination of Mfuwe, Zambia.

It’s been a really exciting day of travel. I sat next to a couple who were returning to their home in Jordan. They said that life there is quite challenging, but they have many family members and have a strong spirit of togetherness.

Meeting them, and being in the Middle East for some time today, has certainly made me contemplative about the horrific situation unfolding between Israel and Hamas of Gaza. How is it that human beings can treat each other with such absolute cruelty? It boggles the mind, yet my hope is that people will come to their senses and we will begin walking the road to peace, even it is a long road we have to walk.

Israeli soldiers remove the body of a compatriot, killed during an attack by the Palestinian militants, in Kfar Aza, south of Israel bordering Gaza Strip, on Oct.10, 2023. Israel pounded Hamas targets in Gaza and said the bodies of 1,500 Islamist militants were found in southern towns recaptured by the army in grueling battles near the Palestinian enclave.
Jack Guez/AFP via Getty Images


GAZA CITY, GAZA – OCTOBER 09: An injured Palestinian kid is seen after Israeli airstrikes at al-Shati refugee camp in Gaza Strip on October 09, 2023. (Photo by Ali Jadallah/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

I think most about the people who want nothing to do with the conflict, who are also the people who often most affected by wars and nationalized violence. My sincerest hope is that peace is just around the corner, and that healing will begin.

As I am about to board flight 2 of 3 which leaves at 2:25 am, I’m hopeful to get a little bit of sleep on this next 7ish hour flight to Lusaka, Zambia. Ready for what tomorrow may hold.

This post is part of Dylan’s Travel Journal during his Exploration of Zambia.

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