The Creation and Destruction of Everything: A Love Story

Part 1: The Great Creation

Before the physical existence of our twelfth realm began; the beautiful Planet Earth, our moon and sparkling stars, there was Reginald. Reginald was a scientist of the eleventh ethereal realm. He was very dedicated to his work, which was focused on understanding the five senses of smell, taste, touch, sound, and sight. You see, Reginald himself had no experience of these five senses, yet he had heard stories of their existence from the previous tenth realm which had lingered.

Reginald had two colleagues, Frances and Tobias, and the three of them were all completely infatuated with knowing what it would be like to experience the five mythological senses they had heard about. “Experience” may be an unfit word to use to describe them, because without senses, it is challenging to say they truly had experience at all in the sensory way we describe experience. In their ethereal realm, there was no time, space, emotions, memories, information or anything that we would call substance. They were like formless entities with an inexpressible longing to escape the bright shadow of inverted darkness.

There was a moment when Reginald, Frances and Tobias were pondering the five senses and how the idea about them may have come from a past realm. Reginald said to his colleagues, “if the senses existed in a past realm, then perhaps we will need to create a new realm where the senses can once again be realized and experienced.” This suggestion from Reginald came as no surprise to Frances and Tobias. Reginald was always wanting to create something new, but without space and time they knew that creation was not a possibility.

Frances in particular, would always instantly shoot down any creative longing within Reginald, telling him that what he wanted to do was not possible. To Frances, the prospect of creating something new would mean the destruction of her duties as protector of the eleventh realm.

Tobias, on the other hand, thought that a new realm was an exciting notion, yet would hold his thoughts silent in fear of Frances’ disapproval. Tobias devised a plan to restrict Frances’ diminishing of Reginald’s creative spirit, by unfolding a sheet of darkness around Frances that would completely isolate her from the timeless connection the three of them shared. One moment, while Frances was looking away, Tobias knew this was the time to surround her with the blanket of darkness. At this moment, Frances became silent, and Reginald burst forth with all creative energy he could muster. The blanket Tobias used to cover Frances was very strong, yet Reginald’s energy was able to pierce slight holes in the darkness, and these holes born of Reginald’s energy became the stars we see in our skies today. This is how our universe, our twelfth realm, first began.

Reginald and Tobias could now see the stars that had been created from Reginald’s desire. And thus, they now could experience the sensation of sight. Yet they desired more; they wanted to know what the other four senses were like which they had heard of from the stories which had faintly come to them from the tenth realm. Tobias said to Reginald, “you need to release more creative energy. Energy so strong that it will pull the stars apart and we will see what might happen.” So Reginald did this, and some of the stars began to pull themselves apart. This created more stars, more holes in the darkness, and in the explosions some of the stars clumped together forming balls of hard rock. These circular, hard objects became the planets.

Tobias reached through the holes in the darkness and landed on one of the rocky worlds. He exclaimed at his landing on the rock, “I can feel it! I can touch it! We now have two of the senses! Well done, Reginald! Well done!” Reginald reached into the broken places of the sheet of darkness and felt the rocky worlds for himself. Yet for Reginald, the experience left him still with a sadness, a deep longing for something more. He was amazed with their first discovery of the sense of sight, yet the sense of touch left Reginald with a felling of loss; as though a faint memory of something had existed that although he could experience the sensation of touch, he could not touch a memory.

Reginald said to Tobias, “this is wonderful, yet there is something missing here. There is yet more to be created. I shall release more creative energy, and we will see what happens.” And so, standing upon the rocky world they had come to through the sheet of darkness, Reginald’s creative nature formed rivers, which then grew into oceans covering the surface of the world. They were not not standing upon this world; they were swimming. Reginald touched a point in the water and his energy created a single cell. Reginald’s creative energy not only created this cell, but it actually imparted energy from Reginald into itself. The cell began to replicate itself, over and over at an exponential rate. Reginald saw the way this cell was now taking on the spirit of creativity for itself, without his need to release any more. He saw that it was exhibiting signs of being able to evolve and experience senses.

Reginald, knowing from the faded stories of the tenth realm that all of the senses were not meant to be experienced only under water, released more of his energy to make the rocky world change its shape, bringing parts of the rocky land above the waters. The cells continued multiplying, becoming the fish of the sea, and eventually discovering the land which Reginald had raised.

When the fish saw the land, they grew legs and began to walk. They continued multiplying into all of the kinds of life we see today. Reginald and Tobias witnessed the way the cells, which had now become the dwelling creatures of what we now call Planet Earth, experiences sight, touch, smell, sound and taste. As they saw the way creatures experienced these senses, the revelation of the senses became known to Reginald and Tobias as well. They had created the universe of the senses.

Part 2: The Great Destruction

Reginald and Tobias were quite pleased with this new, twelfth realm. Yet because they still lacked the faculties necessary for creating memories, they had forgotten all about the eleventh realm from which they had come. They had forgotten how they had covered Frances with a blanket of darkness, and believed her to be forever dormant.

Frances was patient. Frances was actually watching everything Reginald and Tobias had been doing. She had not only witnessed creation, but she was actually the canvas itself upon which Reginald and Tobias were creating. Unbeknownst to Reginald and Tobias, when they had wrapped Frances in darkness and created the first holes in the sheet through Reginald’s creativity, Frances made herself completely one and inseparable with the sheet, and thus she was one with everything that would ever be created inside of the sheet from Reginald’s energy. Frances could’ve destroyed the first stars by simply collapsing herself, but she was curious to see how far Reginald and Tobias would take their creative endeavor.

Reginald and Tobias were enraptured with all of the life they saw around them. The trees, birds, fruit, powerful volcanoes, high mountaintops and vast oceans. They were astounded by their new abilities to experience the five senses. However, eventually, the expansion of their creation seemed to grow dull and predictable. Reginald said to Tobias, “these five senses are wonderful to experience, but what if we tried to create a new sense? I wonder what would happen.” Tobias replied, “Oh! That sounds exciting! Let’s give it a try. Release more creative energy and let us see what will happen!”

Walking beside them was a creature which resembled a chimpanzee, and Reginald decided to pour his energy into this creature to see what would happen. As the creature consumed Reginald’s energy, it began to grow. It lost most of the hair which had previously covered its body, and began to speak to Reginald and Tobias. This was confusing to Reginald and Tobias, because nothing that had been created had yet been able to perceive Reginald and Tobias’ existence. They tried to speak in response to the creature, yet the creature could not hear them. Reginald greatly desired to be able to communicate with the creature, and this desire completely consumed him. He thought, “perhaps if I use my creative energy to create a new sense, that sense will be able to communicate to the creature.” As Reginald did this, the creature began to speak, and they said, “What is this I am feeling? I will call this feeling love. Where did this feeling come from? I did not feel it ever before, and yet now I feel it.” Upon hearing this, Reginald knew that the creature, whom Reginald decided to name human, was receiving this sense from Reginald’s energy. He knew communication and connection was happening.

Frances saw the creation of love. She was amazed by how far Reginald and Tobias had come in their journey of creation. She marveled at this new sense which had been made, and the way it could communicate between the beings of the eleventh realm and the beings in this new, twelfth realm. But Frances, although being the mother of all which had existed in this twelfth realm, felt rejected. Nobody recognized her existence and all she had done to support and uphold everything there is. Nobody recognized her sacrifice, hidden beneath the cloak of darkness and invisibility, which made all of this – including love – possible.

Frances began to wonder how she might make herself known to Reginald, Tobias, the human, and all of the living creatures, that she might also get to experience love with them all. Frances wondered, “how can I, being invisible, make myself known to the visible?” She thought, “perhaps if I warp the space surrounding them, causing earthquakes, fierce winds and storms, they will know it is me that is doing this.” She did these things, yet her former colleagues and the creatures of the Earth only responded to the cataclysmic events with fear. She thought, “their fear for survival has bonded them even closer together, and so they see no need for me. Perhaps if I cause them to distrust each other, make war with each other, they will look to me to come to their rescue.” And so Francis caused the humans, and animals, to all be at war with each other. She caused the humans to seek to conquer the rest of nature, as well as to conquer each other. Yet this too, did not cause them to recognize her existence. Now, feeling completely alone and unrecognized, Frances thought, “I am tired of this realm. I am tired of being used by Reginald and Tobias as their playground. I will collapse myself, destroying all that exists in this twelfth realm, to see what happens next, if anything.”

And so Frances, the mother of everything through no will of her own, began to squash the sheet of darkness into itself. The sheet became smaller, and smaller, and smaller, until the starry points of light in the sky for those on Planet Earth began to vanish.

Reginald, Tobias, the human and the creatures did not even notice, for they were too busy at war with each other to observe the destruction of their realm. The sheet collapsed to the point where it now only encircled the Earth, and grew smaller to the point where it only encircled Reginald, Tobias and the human. Reginald and Tobias were arguing in bewilderment about how love, something which seemed so perfect when it had been created, had become so absent from the realm.

Reginald said, “we created love, and the human has lost their sense of it. How has our creation transpired in this direction? Did the sixth sense of love fail?” At this moment, Frances appeared in their midst. She said to them, “my former colleagues, love did not fail. Love has been here the entire time. It began when I imbued all of myself into the sheet of darkness which Tobias covered me beneath. Love has always been with us, because I have always been here. It has taken me until this moment to realize and understand love. All realms must come, and all realms must go. Love creates, but it also destroys, because love is the nature of all realms.”

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