Love is the answer to every problem. Love sets us free to live a life of peace, trust, joy, empathy and generosity for everyone.

Alive to Love

In 2011 I had a simple and profound realization that changed my life. After several years of searching for who or what God really is and what we mean by that word, it hit me like a ton bricks that God is absolute, unconditional love and Jesus is someone who demonstrated love walking the earth as a man. Because of that simple truth, I now live to demonstrate love to others. 

Empowered through Prayer

Prayer is the essence of relationship, communion and communication with God who is love. I believe that prayer equips and empowers to live out our identity in Christ to the fullest, demonstrating the Kingdom of Heaven through the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. In 2015 and 2016 I walked 1000 miles each summer on a pilgrimage of prayer along the Oregon and Northern California coasts. Spending months simply walking in prayer and connecting with people along the path has made a profound transformation to my life.