A Necessary Ingredient for Living Present

Do you ever find yourself struggling to simply be present? Do thoughts come from seemingly nowhere, leading you down a rabbit hole causing you to feel like you are anywhere but present?

There all kinds of ways we try and strive to be present. We might have a prayer or meditation practice with the goal of making us more present. Those practices can certainly be helpful, yet if our foundation lacks the awareness of our identity as being found only in the present, the practices may only be helpful for a brief time. And that is at the core of the issue: The Present is timeless, yet we are approaching it from a place of understanding our identity as being anchored in time – past and future.

We need something more. We need help to be present. We need to let go our conceptions of ourselves as being fundamentally based in time, and accept that who we are is something in relationship with all there is. Who we are is rooted in the place of eternity, which empowers us to be present.

I believe in our world today there is a necessary ingredient we often forget about when trying to be present: Grace. Grace shows us that it is not “me” which is being something called present, it is simply the presence that exists right now, in this moment, that I can find myself yielded to an identity deeper than what daily life may try to tell us.

Grace is always available. Grace is always here. And grace will wrap us in a warm embrace to be fully free and present now.

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