Half The World Does Not Have Access to Medical Care

The need for good health and well-being has certainly been brought to the forefront of the world’s consciousness due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has been devastating to the health of so many around the world.

Medical science has rapidly improved what it is capable of doing for the health of human beings, and its progress continues to increase at an ever-accelerating rate. However, it is estimated that at least half of the world does have access to even the most essential health-care services.

As we continue to unearth breakthroughs in the realms of medical and health science, will we also think holistically about how the new strategies, treatments and technologies can be used for all people, not just those in economically advantaged places? Will we place the need for the good health and well-being of human beings above power and profits?

Will we make health the priority not only in our individual lives and the way we live, but also the lens through which we envision empowering the whole world to realize?

I believe we can. I believe we will. 

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