Happiness Is Now

The greatest theft is not something which someone else takes away from us; it is not knowing how wonderful what we have already is now.

If I am happy, can someone else take away my happiness? Can someone else cause me to lost my happiness, and make me unhappy? 

Of course, there is immense suffering in the world. If we want to be unhappy, we have plenty of choices and completely understandable reasons. There is a great deal that happens in our lives that is not under our conscious control. Yet we are also not victims of the world, we are active participants with it.

What things make me happy, and what does not make me happy? Does money make me happy? Does winning a game or sport competition make me happy? Does having no money make me unhappy? Does losing a game me unhappy? Is my happiness conditional, based upon a win or lose scenario? Can my happiness be based in somewhere deeper than a purely dualistic choice?

True happiness is realized beyond circumstance. It is universal relationship, not centered or devoted or residing on particular individual relationships we have. True happiness sees the actions of others as directly connected to who we ourselves are. It sees beyond individually separated relationships and is birthed from one great relationship of everything there is.

Your happiness is not your responsibility, and it isn’t the responsibility of anyone else. Happiness is a manifestation of the joyous melody that the universe is creating and playing.

Play with it.


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