Your Present Moment is Creating the Past and Future

In every moment of our lives, we are creating both the past and the future. As a boat moving through the ocean creates a trail, ripples of waves behind its path, so we are creating the past right now. Likewise, what we choose to do now in this moment, impacts the course we are charting into the future.

How much of our lives do we spend mentally fully present? Do we realize the importance of living now and truly being connected with what we are doing right now? And how much energy are we giving to thinking about the past and future? How often are we thinking of past mistakes or regrets? How often are we worried or anxious about what might happen in the future?

Now, I am not saying we ought to totally abandon thinking about the past or making plans for the future. Certainly, these are aspects about being a human being that can be quite useful. However, their usefulness and utility is lost when we mentally give the past and future a higher sensation of reality than the life we are experiencing in this moment. Make plans, remember the past, yet be present as you do so.

If we live fully now, making the best possible choices we can for our world to be a better place, we realize that we no longer have to force our journey to arrive in a certain place. We can begin to let the current of life’s ocean carry us into a marvelous adventure. The adventure that life is meant to be.

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