Last march I was living in Oklahoma. I knew that at the end of March I was leaving for a 2 week statewide prayer tour of Oregon with Pray Oregon, a network I’ve served as webmaster for the past couple of years. I really had no plan whatsoever about what I would after that tour.

The week before I was to leave, a friend suggested I have lunch with a man in Oklahoma City named Liam. Liam serves as a worship pastor at Crestwood Vineyard in OKC as well as being involved with the Burn 24/7 global movement. We had lunch and an awesome discussion about life, God and what’s it all about, and towards the end of our meeting Liam told me about the BurnWagon which is a team of people who travel around the USA as a mobile unit of worship, prayer and evangelism. Liam said they were looking for connections in Oregon and I enthusiastically said I thought I could help.

Fast forward a week later and after a 52 hour bus ride from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Salem, Oregon, I arrived at the Salem House of Prayer and told the director of SHoP, Jim Moore, about the team that would be coming to Salem in June. He graciously said they were welcome to come to their facility.

Later that day I started the 2 week prayer tour with our group from Pray Oregon. During that tour I accepted the invitation to move to Salem and serve as a missionary at the Salem House of Prayer. I certainly didn’t plan on that at all when I first came to Oregon, but it was a perfect fit and incredible honor.

Now by being in Salem, I was able to be here in-person for the BurnWagon team coming and ministering in Salem. We had a four-hour event on the evening of June 27th, which was an amazing time of worship and prayer.

Here’s the (admittedly very long) video from the event:

It’s interesting to me how the little details can lead to things happening in a profound way. I hadn’t planned on being in Salem to help with this event. I thought I was just connecting people. Also, my friend Liam hadn’t planned on being part of the NW BurnWagon, but because of some unforeseen changes, he was the team of 15 fiery Jesus-lovers and we got to connect once again.

I feel like there really is a sort “stream of the river” we can align ourselves in life where things simply go right. It doesn’t mean that things will be comfortable or without challenge, but there is always joy and peace to empower us to live a life of love for everyone and everything.

Be fully alive ­čÖé

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  1. Oh man You are on a real adventure A real pilgrimage I like the term Jesus Lovers. Remember we had a little discussion about me thinking you were a Christian? Lol Yoy will rise to meet the challenges Dylan ÔŁĄ

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