10 Days Until Departure

It is now 10 days until I will be departing from Los Angeles to Zambia on a exploration in support of Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust. Today my thoughts are on the idea of how maintaining a perspective of service towards others actually places us in a place of inner-security. Insecurity comes when we are looking inward at our own state and becoming fearful about what may or may not happen to us. Insecurity is self-centered, but true security comes from knowing who we are and our willingness to utilize ourselves in a way that is beneficial towards others.

The first question is not “I” focused, such as what will I do or what will I get, it is first and primarily focused on finding a need someone else has and being resourceful in seeing that need met.Imagine a world where everyone worked not based upon how much money they are being paid to do it, but on what opportunity they have to truly be of service and meet needs.

It is that service-first mindset I hope to carry with me along this upcoming journey as connections are made and adventures are had.

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