Working to achieve The Global Goals through philosophy, philanthropy, and communications.

Hello, I’m Dylan.

I believe humanity is a family. And as we look at the state of our world today, it would appear that our family is quite divided and broken. If we are going to create the best possible world for the good of all life which has come from this wondrous place we call Planet Earth, we will need to become a healthy, human family.

I work as a writer, musician, multimedia producer and technology consultant in the areas of philosophy, philanthropy, and technology to help us live with deeper wisdom,  meet basic humanitarian needs, and utilize creativity for achieving our dreams for what we most want to do in life and work.

Humanitarian Map

Creating the world's largest map of humanitarian and philanthropic projects the world needs to know about and support.

The Glorious Unknowing

A podcast, blog, and book exploring the what and why of our beliefs.

Generosity Web

Providing website creation and consultation services to help people see their dreams become realized.

Initiatives focused on serving humanity through philosophy, philanthropy and technology.